Data upload to FHEM

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Data upload to FHEM

ISpindel can transfer the data to a local FHEM server from where it can be visualized and further processed (for example, to control the fermentation temperature). FHEM expects data by Http Get request:


The target host and port (server: 8083) as well as the name of the spindle (here “iSpindel”) must be set in the configurationUI of the spindle. All data to be transferred are transferred in the Url with a Get. The order is tilt - temperature battery. Spaces must be replaced with% 20.

In FHEM (ie fhem.cfg), a device with the name of the spindle (here: “iSpindel”) and a bit of Perl logic must be created in order to split the data record into the individual values. The resulting values ​​are assigned to the device iSpindelData and can be further processed from there.

    define iSpindel dummy
    define iSpindelData dummy
    define iSpindel_Notify notify iSpindel {  \
     my @x= split(/\s/,ReadingsVal("iSpindel","state",0));; \
     my $Neigung=$x[0];; \
     my $Temp=$x[1];; \
     my $Battery=$x[2];; \
     my $Plato=CalcPlato($Neigung, $Temp);; \
     fhem "setreading  iSpindelData Neigung $Neigung";;\
     fhem "setreading  iSpindelData Temp $Temp";;\
     fhem "setreading  iSpindelData Battery $Battery";;\
     fhem "setreading  iSpindelData Plato $Plato";;\
    define iSpindel_Values readingsGroup iSpindelData:Temp iSpindelData:Neigung iSpindelData:Battery iSpindelData:Plato
    attr iSpindel_Values room Bier
    define FileLog_iSpindel FileLog ./log/iSpindel-%Y.log iSpindelData.*
    attr FileLog_iSpindel logtype text
    define weblink_iSpindel SVG FileLog_iSpindel:SVG_FileLog_iSpindel_1:CURRENT
    attr weblink_iSpindel room Bier

The function CalcPlato (slope, temperature) can be stored in

    sub CorrectPlato($$)  #(P, T)
      my $mPlato=shift;
      my $Temp=shift;
      my @k=(56.084,   -0.17885,   -0.13063);
      if ($mPlato>=5) { @k=(69.685,    -1.367,      -0.10621);};
      if ($mPlato>=10){  @k=(77.782,    -1.7288,    -0.10822);};
      if ($mPlato>=15){  @k=(87.895,    -2.3601,    -0.10285);};
      if ($mPlato>=20){  @k=(97.052,    -2.7729,    -0.10596);};
      my $cPlato=$k[0]+$k[1]*$Temp+$k[2]*$Temp*$Temp;
      return $mPlato-$cPlato/100;
    sub CalcPlato($$)   #(Angle, T)
      my $tilt=shift;
      my $Temp=shift;
      # Get this from Excel Calibration at 20 Degrees 
      my $mPlato=0.00438551*($tilt)*($tilt) + 0.13647658*($tilt) - 6.968821422;
      return CorrectPlato($mPlato,$Temp);

The formula for $mPlato must be taken from the calibration sample sheet. CorrectPlato () is also used to perform a temperature correction of the Platower (requires calibration at 20 degrees). The temperature correction is valid for the range of 5 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Lastly, only the diagram for the spindle values ​​has to be defined; This is very easy with the FHEM -GPlot editor and could look something like this: Definition iSpindel Diagram

Definition iSpindel Diagram

attr WEB endPlotNow 1