Construction variant A: perforated grid & sled

DIY electronic Hydrometer

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Construction variant A: perforated grid & sled

The view of the pictures is always ** left ** shows direction cover/USB port of the Wemos.

  1. Pin the pin from below. This reduces the build-up height so everything fits into the petling.
  2. Insert the short and long bushing strip and solder the Wemos.
  3. Leave the 4 left pins.
  4. Remove the GY-521 LED. The right 4 pins must not have any contact.
  5. Place wire bridges, resistors and switches. Soldering top makes it easier.
  6. Lower the wires according to the following diagram.

  7. Solder the DS18B20, only the middle pin is pinched by the resistor on the pin of the Wemo. Do not connect the other two (Vcc, GND) to the Wemos.

  8. Remove the Wemos diode. Install the 4 pins for the lipo charger TP4056. The connections are marked in red.

  9. Solder the charging module, the battery is soldered to it.

  10. Assembled with the carriage viewed from below.